Hieroglyphic Biliterals
For reference and drill, click on the glyphs.1
You will need to download and install the Aegyptus and Trlit_CG Times fonts.
The bold version, Aegyptus_B.ttf, is recommended for this web page.
After installing the fonts you should see the transliterated Egyptian alphabet and the biliteral hieroglyphs below.
A i y a w b p f m n r h H x X z s S k g t T d D

1 This page is intended as an aid to those studying or teaching Middle Egyptian Grammar.
The contents are based on the chart contained in James P. Allen, Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs (Cambridge: University Press, 2000).
I have added MdC and Gardiner Codes for each hieroglyph.
I urge students to read about the signs in Sir Alan Henderson Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar: Being an Introduction to the Study of Hieroglyphs. 3rd Ed., Rev. London: Oxford University Press, 1957.

The definitions that appear in the box show the Manuel de Codage or computer-encoding transliteration, traditional transliteration and the Gardiner code for each hieroglyph.
Many thanks to George Douros for making his Aegyptus font freely available and for his assistance using the font.
Please distribute this page if you find it useful and report errors and additions to me at rhiohb@gmail.com TOP

Rhio H. Barnhart